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Nomad Survival Solutions was started out of necessity. As outdoor and preparedness enthusiasts, we realized there are many items out there inundating the market and at times, it can be overwhelming to know if you are truly getting the best bang for your buck. As a result, we formed Nomad Survival Solutions in an attempt to bring you, the consumer, the best product for the money, without having to take out a second mortgage for what turns out to be substandard gear.Each item on our site is tested for reliability and practicality. Quite frankly, each item is put through its paces before we give it the NSS seal of approval. Many of the items have been owned by us personally for years and have not only withstood the rigors of use in combat zones across the globe, but have become an everyday need in our current civilian lives as well as the outdoors and urban setting. Our goal is to save you time and money while providing quality gear necessary for any situation you may encounter.


We are proud to be a Veteran and Patriot owned company. 

Our Product Line-up

Atibal Optics

ESEE Knives

Fox Den Tactical



Power Pots

MKD Custom Kydex Holsters

And many more!

Our Mission

To provide you the best gear for your money that we've tested so you don't have to.


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